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Randeep Singh Chahal

A 28 year old Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher from Amritsar, India and currently living in Brisbane, Australia. He’s one of the very well known artist based in Australia and recognised as one of the best in the industry. A Guinness World Record holder. Also has been featured in the book called worlds top “25 DANCERS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS” of the world. The Publisher of the book Brandon Gibson is from Atlanta, America. He was the only one to be chosen from india for the book. He’s also winner of Bollywood Australia Dance Battle.

He has been dancing since kindergarten and performing live since he was very young. He started teaching professionally from the age of 19.

He was the Head Choreographer of Pankaj and Preeti Dance Academy which is one of the most prestigious Dance academy’s in india. The company made a Guinness World Record of Largest Bollywood Dance with 8,726 people and Randeep 

was the Head choreographer of the company who lead the team of 15 choreographers to train 8,726 people to make the world record. He has traveled whole north India teaching classes, workshops & performing live in front of big crowds and concerts and he has worked with company for 7years+.

And then

He moved to Australia at the age of 24(in 2017)

Here he has been working with many well known dance companies. Teaching big workshops, classes and performing live in front of huge crowds.

He has performed in multiple and huge  festivals of brisbane, Australia organised by BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL, INDIAN CULTURAL AND SPORTS CLUB and THE FEDERATION OF INDIAN COMMUNITY OF QUEENSLAND(Australia).

Festivals and Concerts like

  • BrisAsia Festival(Bris Asia Bazaar)
  • Holi Festival(Brisbane, Australia)
  • Diwali Festival(Brisbane, Australia)
  • Show Dance Studio’s Annual Concert(Brisbane, Australia)
  • India day festival (Brisbane, Australia)

Some of the Major achievements of Randeep are

  • A Guinness world record Holder of largest Bollywood Dance with 8,726 people
  • Getting featured in the book of world’s top “25 Dancer and Choreographers” of the world. 
  • Selling out huge workshops and classes here in brisbane, Australia.
  • Performing in front of the huge crowds of 4,000 to 5,000 people’s at all the Major Festivals and Concerts in Australia.
  • Huge fan following on social media having more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 7 million views and more than 107k followers on TikTok.

He wants to travel, teach and perform all around the world and wants to settle in Los Angeles, America. The way he’s going he’s nowhere to be stopped. 

We are so looking forward to his future endeavours and plans.

We wish him all the best.

You can find him on Youtube – Randeep Singh and all other social platforms @Randeepp22.