5 Simple Rules to Plan Sustainable Events

Showcasing our local artists

The stats show that whenever an event is conducted in Australia, on average every individual who attends the event produces approx 1.85 kilograms of waste on a daily basis. And most of this waste ends up in landfills. So, every year the event industry is producing tons and tons of waste, emitting high levels of […]

The Benefits of Hiring Local Artists Over International Artists

Multiculutral Events

Whenever an event management agency organizes an event, especially a cultural event, an awards show, or a festival celebration, they look for talented artists in the form of dancers, singers, musical bands, stand-up comedians, magicians, and whatnot. Making an event exciting for your guests without at least a couple of absolutely stunning performers is quite […]

How to Organize Events with Covid Safe Checklist During the Pandemic

  The way Australia has handled (and is still handling) the Covid-19 situation is being applauded by the world. Owing to a strong and well-timed public health response along with the carefully planned testing and quarantine norms, we have managed to enjoy a pretty normal life here. However, it’s very important to understand the gravity […]